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tv   [untitled]    March 20, 2013 4:30pm-5:00pm PDT

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was provided shelter and kept safe until the police arrived, took the report, with her being completely, out of sight and the suspect was taken into custody and is now facing prosecution. none of this could have happened, had he not taken the initiative to literally in a good way, all of the storefronts along the 6th and 7th street in the neighborhood and now there is a lady that is safe because tf and violent criminal behind bars. because with that, because rudy will not take a thank you or credit for anything. >> so this certificate of appreciation is in the deepest gratitude. such an example of dedication is worthy of the highest he esteem for rudy and the south of market safe haven program. [ applause ]
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>> it speaks a very simple program. it is designed to keep our kids safe from violence in the street. and this year, we planned to expand it to the tenderloin, district. >> thank you very much. >> thank you very much. that is a great program, i remember when it first started out in the bay view and for you doing this, we just heard about the corridor and it is so important and thank you so much for doing that and taking upon yourself to make sure that it works and it does work. so we can't thank you enough, sir. >> thank you. >> could we get a picture? >> lieutenant (inaudible) there.
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>> thank you. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. thank you to your family too. >> and now, ladies and gentlemen, we have a special presentation from the san francisco police commission tonight. to charles gallman who is coming forward who is the chief investigator of the occ. and he has worked for director hicks for many years. i attended a presentation that the occ had done in honor of investigator gallman and this was the best retirement party that i have been to in my entire career. let me tell you why, we are going to honor a man for 24 years of service to the occ as a chief investigator and what this makes this so important is that at his party, there were
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so many men and women in blue, members of the san francisco police department who showed up in honor of chief investigator gallman and i know why. the reason is that there are two words that come to mind, integrity and respect. he has the respect and integrity of everybody at the occ. and the men and women of the san francisco police department. and the members of the command staff, because charles gallman is a special person, i made a comment, you heard about the book about the greatest generation. this is the next chapter and let me tell you a little bit about this man. i first saw him when i was an assistant da going to an officer involved shooting. i thought that he worked for the sfpd and was a homicide investigator. no he is with the occ and everybody worked with him because he is a professional and let me tell you how he got there. >> he was born in philadelphia and he got out here early enough in his life that i will call him a native san franciscoan. both of his mom and dad were involved in public service he
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was a graduate of balboa high school and college of san francisco and sf state and the most important person in his life his wife that was dating one of the offensive line man and now they have been married for how many years? >> 40 years. >> after graduating from sf, state he went to vietnam and served our country. and the military police officer and he got back from vietnam, and he represented that veterans who were having difficulties. he always served the people and represented the veterans in need. and the dog trainers and he did that in the military. and then he went to work as an investigator for many different agencies until he landed on the doorstep of the occ which is one of the greatest things to happen to that organization. and he talked to everybody. every police officer that he talked to, anybody at the occ. there was a little talk about
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how colorful his language could be. but i had no choice, but he is incredible. from getting the new occ investigators out to the tenderloin task force out and the difference between the saints and the siners and you just did a great job and you got everybody's respect and i am really sorry to see you go as the police department. so tonight, this police commission is honoring you with our certificate, inspector monroe, did you bring it? >> there you go. >> i will read it out loud. to charles r. gallman chief investigator office of citizen complaints. on his honorable retirement from the office, the certificate is awarded as a testimonial of his 24 years of service and dedication of the city and county of san francisco, office of citizen complaints. awarded this day. and again, before i know that director hicks would like to
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speak but i would like the other commissioners to chime in, you are the ut ultimate professional and you have everybody's respect and not everybody can say that. >> i want to say that from the bottom of my heart and you did a great job, sir. >> [ applause ] >> i want to say that i, congratulations and thank you for your service. i believe that i met you before i was on the commission when i was teaching a class on criminal justice and i invited you to come and speak about the occ and explain how the system works and you did just such a really great job with the students and really engaging and reaching out to them and encouraging them to get into public service and consider also public safety type of jobs and they were really inspired by you afterwards and i got an ear full of questions and how do i get his e-mail and number and who is he. i think that you are going to be doing this work long after you are retired from the occ
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and i know that you will be mentoring more people to come and thank you for your service and hard work. >> thank you very much. >> commissioner kingsley? >> investigator gallman there are not too many days left to use that title i suppose, but thank you very much for your lotable service and we appreciate it and i hope that your years in retirement are full of new adventures with your wife after 40 years, you certainly deserve to have some unfettered time to enjoy life. so the very best to you and thank you again. >> thank you x commissioner. >> commissioner dejesus? >> i am sorry i missed the party i was out of town sounds it was good. >> we go way back, and when you started at occ, as a public defender and you have been there all of these years and done wonderful work and it is amazing how time flies and that you are retiring and it is wonderful for you and it is difficult for the occ.
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but i wish you the best and congratulationss for all of the hard work that you have done. >> thank you very much. >> chief? >> i was out of town also, i was not with the commissioner dejesus. i just want to make sure that there is no conflict. >> starting rumors. >> exactly. >> but i tell you unfortunately we did have an officer-involved shooting that i will speak to tomorrow, and i was actually saying to the investigator mcmahon last night as it was freezing cold and the wind was whistling through as we were doing the investigation and making sure that it was just so, it started to rain, you know that this is charles doing this? because it was the first time that i could honestly remember charles in more years than i can count when, again, i spoke to it yesterday at the board, but i mean, just that you are just a class act, just, you showed up and you were fair and you were there, and i mean, it is just, it is all that we can
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ask for from a police department, is for the occ to be fair and you were the clearest demonstration of that. and we appreciate it and i think that when commissioner mazzucco speaks to the fact that you have the respect of the officers you absolutely did. >> thank you, chief. >> thank you. >> dr. marshal? >> inspector, you know, any organization is only good as the character and integrity of the people that are in it. it is, you know you don't have good people and i good organization and what i tried to teach the young people that i work with is all about care and integrity. what i am afraid of is that they will grow up and change. go on to wall street and holding up the store. that is why we are in the mess that we are in. thank you for never changing. i'm assuming that you got that instilled in you and you did not forget. now on behalf of not only the department and the occ and the commission, thank you for representing, you know, what i tried to teach my young people,
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we need a lot for them to see that adults that are actually that way. >> thank you, commissioner. >> director hicks. >> thank you, thank you president mazzucco, and members of the commission. well, as i was saying to charles this evening, this is the third part of the triad recognizing chief investigator gallman for his 24 years of exemp lary service, there was an occ retirement party for charles. and at that party, not only were there members of our staff, but so many members of sftv staff as well and that speaks volumes charles to your integrity and your objectivity and then yesterday, at the board of supervisors, a more kutos for you, and it is very well deserved.
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i appreciate the five years of service that you have provided during my tenure as the director of the office of citizen complaints. you were the first person i met when i was hired, and you met me on weekend to show me the office and the layout and your words to me were anything that you need. anything that you need. and that really has been your philosophy about how you conduct yourself and you conduct business at occ. it is above and beyond. and you up hold the mission of the office of citizen complaints to fairly, promptly and impartially investigate the civilian complaints of the police misconduct, you have the highest ethics and professionalism and beyond that you have so much enthusiasm for the job that you do. and when i got the call last night that there was an officer-involved shooting, i thought, this is the first time
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that i since i have been the director and i have gotten this call, charles will not be responding to that officer involved shooting but during... >> the program for him? >> and one of the factoids about you is that during your tenure as chief investigator, you have responded to over 90 percent of the officer-involved shootings. and i have to acknowledge your wife cathy, for allowing you the space to do those things. and giving you the space and giving you the support. because that is a lot. so, and i will close with a quote from you. and it is about how you conduct investigations. it is not personal. i just follow the evidence. we will miss you at the occ. and i miss, and i wish you, a
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fulfilling retirement. thank you. >> [ applause ] >> before you come down and present this plaque to you, i would like to say a few words and one of the things that you said at the retirement party at the occ that where you got the philosophy was from a quote that your father had hanging in the house. >> as a young man, i grew up in a family of career military. and as you entered the door in our house in philadelphia, there was a sign, duty, honor and country, that is the motto that i live by and that is how i was raised. i tried to do my best in everything that i do. and dr. marshal, i appreciate your comments that you made, i have a son, and he is 23. he grew up in the city, and basketball player. and so, throughout his time in middle school and high school,
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and college, our house was always full of young men and one of the rules in my house is you be respectful. and they come to me they ask me questions about life, about how do you do your job? what should i do about my career? and i tell them stay in school. get your education and with that you can go anywhere. i appreciate your words. and i relate to you frequently. and director hicks i appreciate everything that you have done for me. i appreciate your direction, your support, and the guidance, and you can there for me to bounce things off of you and i appreciate that. you always are receptive and thank you for that. commissioners, it was a pleasure serving you and the city and county of san francisco. and the san francisco police department. we wish you guys the best, god bless you. thank you. >> thank you. [ applause ]
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>> come forward. >> charles to support for 40 years.
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>> please call, do we have any general public comment regarding this? >> no. >> okay. >> thank you very much. please call line item number 3. >> line item 3, 3a, chief's report, discussion, review of recent activities. >> commissioners, there has been a lot of activity. so, in the interest of time, i will just highlight most of the cases that have goting a lot of time in the media lately. and then if anybody has any questions, i can speak to that. so i will start with friday night, there was an officer-involved shooting in san francisco. but it was not by the san francisco police department. daily city police had been
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chasing a stolen car. they abandoned the chase at 101 and 280. bay view officers spotted the car, and it was already on rems and very slow, more following than pursuit and took it to bay shore and both suspects exited the vehicle and the driver with the gun in hand, for a short foot chase and the suspect turned on the officers in one of the daily city officers discharged his firearm killing the suspect. the reason that the san francisco police department was so prominent in the investigation is that we conduct the investigation on all officers-involve shooting in san francisco, whether or not we do the shooting or not. but i want to be very clear to the public we were not involved as a shooter in that event. >> on saturday, morning, saturday evening, about 11:00. we were actually fell victim to
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an auto burglary ourselves an ar 15 assault rifle was stolen from the plain clothes car while they were doing a surveillance, 1000 block of mission street and i want to give a huge thank you for the oakland police department and we put it out that we had lost this very dangerous weapon. and through, tireless police work, back and forth from some of our plain clothes officers and there as we were able to locate residents in oakland, and serve search warrants and recover not only rar 15 and the other property that was taken from trunk but a second ar that was taken. but we had a very sound event happened on force and slope and on saturday night. a 17-year-old girl on her birthday crossing the street was hit by a drink driver and killed. one block from her home. that drunk driver was taken into custody.
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and he will be rigorously prosecuted. the child attended loyal high school. >> and then on sunday at about 3:00 in the afternoon, a woman entered a home on the 2000 block of lion street, she was under the influence of bath salts, which is a newish drug that is hitting the streets right now. and can be smoked snoerted or in jected and it causes increased blood pressure, paranoya and reduced need for feed or sleep, i don't know why anybody would not want to ingest this thing. she harmed herself with a shot gun in the residents. we used our new protocol. and established a perimeter and engaged her in a conversation. when she came out to the front... the residents were able to get out and when she came out on the front porch she
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was distracted and the officers used the bean bag gun and she dropped the gun and she was taken into custody and she will be okay. >> monday morning we suffered the 7th homicide of the year at third and palu. a young man was killed with another or killed by another young man, the suspect responsible was arrested and the firearm was recovered and obviously he will be prosecuted for homicide and then last night, just before 7:00, there has been a series of shot gun robberies going on in the city, the night before on jennings street a woman had parked her car in her garage when several suspects armed with a shot gun, relieved her of her vehicle. last night the bay view officers spotted this vehicle, a short pursuit took place and the vehicle went on to george court which is a dead end, the
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officers exited the car ordered the driver to stop and he put it in reverse and striking one of the officers, which then knocked him to the ground and then as the car was then going to go forward, the officer was down in the street. the other officers fired at the driver, in an effort to save the officer on the ground's life. they were successful, the suspect was struck in the upper body. non-life threatening wounds and he is recovering at the hospital right now. the officer on the ground was bumped, bruised but will be okay. and it worked. all officers ended up being okay, to that end, tomorrow night in keeping with our commitment that we will have a public meeting on any officer-involved shooting at 1800 oak dale, tomorrow at 6:00, we will speak to the officer-involved shooting on george court. we had to do it very quickly, because i will be away next
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week. at the f.b.i. national executive session for a week in virginia. tomorrow, myself, and as many officers, i am sure it will be very many will be attending, the funeral of the two fallen santa cruise firefighters at sanjose pavillion and those start at noontime and some of the happier events, if you will, the department is the chair this year, for the march to help the babies campaign, we had the kick off this week at the omni hotel and the department's committed to trying to raise 100,000 dollars for healthy babies. the grand opening of the 6th street, public safety hub will be on friday, but it was to be tomorrow, but we had to delay it a day in honor of the officers from santa cruz on march 8th at noontime, obviously the commissioner director hicks and anybody will be welcome and this is a long awaited thing for the folks
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along the 6th street corridor and to that end, we have added eight additional beat officers to the compliment and hope to add more if the hiring goes up. while i am at the f.b.i. academy i have to go to washington, d.c. on the 13th, to speak about our support for the tithing of gun laws, gun violence and advocate on in favor of tighter and restricting sentencing on straw purchases for firearms, or folks that are able to buy guns, and purchase them for prohibited persons. we recovered, one such weapon, from a ring that was doing straw purchasing, from georgia, on hunter's point hill and the same group was responsible for using the straw purchase weapon to kill officer james kabua of the police department. so, that concludes my report and i can answer any questions anybody has with regard to any
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of those events. >> yeah, i just want to briefly, i heard from folks regarding the incident with the young lady with the bath salts that your officers showed incredible restraint and if was any other jurisdiction she would not be here today, she had a gun and things are working and they handled it and took their time and hopefully this young lady and her family will some day appreciate that. >> they did a good job. >> commissioners anything else? >> commissioner, dejesus? >> so, i got to say that the stealing the gun from, i saw the gun on the news, stealing the gun from the squad car is something that assume that we are going to investigate. >> it was not from a squad car. >> it was from a plain cloths. >> it was window smash and we believe that they accessed the trunk release and all of the
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trunk releases and all plain clothes vehicles have been closed. >> okay. >> i did forget one more event because there were so many. this morning four suspects entered a marijuana grow on jennings street and officers heard the triggered alarm and four of the suspects fled and the bay view officers took the suspect into custody in short order, four suspects went back into the grow. and spent pretty much, 7 hours inside, armed with a ski mask and for about five of those hours, four employees were also inside our tactical company formed a great plan and extracted the floor of what could have become hostage and later are on rather robust barking canine made a cooler head for veil and the suspect surrendered to the dog. >> okay. >> good, that was also great work. >> yeah. >> commissioner chan? >> thank you, chief very much
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for your detailed report as always. i think that it is so great to hear about the incidents and this woman that was on bath salts and had the weapon and you did what you did which was amazing and what happened this morning and i just want to encourage the department to consider awarding and recognizing this type of tactics and thoughtfulness and i think that it due to what you put out and so i appreciate that and congratulations to the officers and hard work for putting themselfs in harms way. >> dr. marshall? ei have to be at the committee meeting, i want to make sure that we don't have more than four, so, anybody else planning ongoing? >> i can make it. >> i just want to make sure that we are covering that. >> that is fine. >> thank you very much chief, call item 3 b. >> occ director's rment
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discussion. review of recent activities, presentation of the occ monthly comprehensive statistical report and companion reports for the periods of january 1, 2013 through january 31, 2013, d january 1, 2012 will you january 31, 2012. medation of complaints on january 2013 and adjudication of sustained complaints in january 2013. >> good evening, members of the commission and chief, sir and members of the audience. you have in your packets the january 20, 13 and 2012 statistical reports and companion reports that i will briefly discuss them. they were on your february, your mid february agenda but that meeting was canceled. soon we will be receiving probably next week, the february sta stits cal report.
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from january to the end of the month, the occ opened 55 cases. that is 12 fewer cases than we opened in january of 2012, when we opened 67 cases in 2013, the occ investigators closed one less case than they opened and they closed 54 cases. as of january 31st, actually as of today, the occ has 306 pending cases compared to 357 pending cases as of march six of last year. medations in january, five cases were mediated in january, that would be ten percent, approximately ten percent of the cases we closed. and in february, we also mediated five cases. in january, six officers were offered medation and two of them declined. the occ sustained allegations and allegation in one case in january. and that is 6 percent of the
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cases, we closed. and no complaints were adjudicated by the police department during january. that concludes my report. >> thank you very much, director hicks? >> commissioner chin? >> welcome. >> thank you, very much. >> good evening, that was an incredible retirement party that you put together for charles it was really well done. >> thank you very much. it was well deserved. charles has given the city so many years of service. and i can't say enough. how impressive it was that while the occ performs a task, that is along the lines of discipline, there were many members of the police department captains and command staff members who were there to tell charles how much they appreciated his subjectivity and his fairness in the job that he did. >> that was awesome. >> thank yo


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